What is rapidapi.com?

Welcome to the world's largest API hub.


RapidAPI, the world's largest API hub, is used by over three million developers to find, test, and connect to thousands of APIs β€” all with a single API key and dashboard.

Find the APIs that you need for your project, embed the API into your app, and track usage of all your APIs through a single dashboard. If you create an API, use RapidAPI to make it available to over three million developers already using the RapidAPI Hub.

For developers

It's easy to use RapidAPI to consume APIs in your application. With RapidAPI, you can consume any API using a unified format that is easy to understand and embed in your application. Moreover, you can view all of the APIs you are connected to using a dashboard that monitors things like the number of API requests, latency, and error rates. For more on using APIs, check out our RapidAPI Consumer Quick Start Guide or our RapidAPI for Developers page.

For API providers

If you already have an API, we make it easy to distribute and monetize it. Adding your API to the RapidAPI Hub gets you instant exposure to our growing user base, a search engine-optimized profile page for your API, as well as features like user management and billing services. For more on adding your API, visit our Add an API (Basics) section or check out our API Providers page.

It's important to run functional tests and monitor your API. If you already have a RapidAPI account, your APIs are automatically available for RapidAPI Testing. For more on monitoring and testing your APIs, see Get Started with RapidAPI Testing.

For teams or enterprises

As organizations grow, more APIs are created, making it harder for developers to find the services they need and resulting in wasteful duplication of efforts. With the average organization consuming more than 500 internal APIs β€” a centralized API hub is critical to preventing resource duplication and to accelerate innovation. For more information, check out Get Started with RapidAPI for Teams or our Enterprise Hub page.