Test Results

The Results page displays the results for each execution of the test. You can use the filter option to filter one or more of the following result types:

  • Successful
  • Failed
  • Canceled
  • Failed to start
  • None

You can access a test's Results page by navigating to Studio, selecting your API Project, selecting the test, and clicking Results.

Clicking the View Report option associated with a test result will display that test's Execution Report.

Additionally, the Results page helps sort your test executions by the:

  • Date created
  • Status
  • Environment
  • Location
  • Trigger method
  • Successful status
  • Execution time

Execution Report

An Execution Report is a report which is generated after every test execution; it displays the test's execution details, including the:

  • Status of the test
  • Run time of the test
  • Time the test was executed
  • Location & environment that the test ran on
  • Test name and ID
  • Values from each step in the test