Response Headers

Headers added by the RapidAPI Proxy to API responses.


Headers sent to API providers

See Additional Request Headers for a list of headers sent from the RapidAPI Proxy to the API.

API consumers will always receive the following headers from the RapidAPI PRoxy:

The current version of the RapidAPI Proxy.

The number of requests the plan you are currently subscribed to allows you to make, before incurring overages.

The number of requests remaining before you reach the limit of requests your application is allowed to make, before experiencing overage charges. This will reset each day or each month, depending on how the API pricing plan is configured. You can view these limits and quotas on the pricing page of the API in the RapidAPI Hub.



Note that x-ratelimit-requests-remaining is different than x-ratelimit-remaining.

x-ratelimit-remaining is related to the rate limit of the API. Therefore, this header will only appear in APIs with a rate limit.

The x-ratelimit-reset header will let you know when the rate limit will reset (typically days or hours).

The number of requests allowed during the 60 second window.

The number of requests remaining in the 60 second window before encountering a 429 error.

The time remaining in the current window, specified in seconds or as a timestamp.

Set to true when the RapidAPI Proxy generates the response (i.e. the response is not generated from the provider).