Release Notes (Mar 2023)

Rapid API Hub for Enterprise Release Notes

We've made some updates to our platform to improve the customer experience. For our API Hub for Enterprise, we’ve released several new Governance features and improvements, including new authorization types, approvals, and a new centralized Governance tab. We've also released a new GraphQL API that provides access to API traffic metrics. We’ve also fixed numerous bugs across our platform.

We encourage you to review these release notes to learn more about the changes that have been made and how they may impact your experience with our product.

As always, our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience with our product, and we appreciate your continued support and feedback. If you have any issues or bugs, you can report them to us at our support page here.


  • New Platform API Operation - apiTrafficAnalytics: The apiTrafficAnalytics operation is a GraphQL API that provides access to historical and real-time API traffic metrics. This operation allows you to filter the data by API, APP, and Time, and it also supports various resolutions ranging from seconds to years. Moreover, you can group the data by API, API Version, Endpoint, and APP to obtain a more granular view of the metrics. The full documentation for this operation is available, and it provides guidance on how to extract data and insights from the API traffic metrics.
  • New Authorization Types: Additional authorization types have been released to meet the needs of diverse customers, including OAuth Client Credentials, Authorization Code, Basic Authorization, and Header Authorization. You can find out more here.
  • Authorization Approvals: An ‘Approval Workflow’ has been implemented to ensure proper governance of authorization/API secrets for admins to manage the distribution of secrets to users. Now, every approval flow is available on the Events / Webhooks infrastructure, allowing customers to control the workflow outside of Rapid in products like ServiceNow and Jira. Click to find out more about Authorization Approvalsand Events.
  • New Apigee Gateway Analytics Integration that utilizes Javascript functions to map and forward API access logs to Rapid. You can find out more here.


  • Governance Tab: We have added a centralized "Governance" Tab in the Admin Panel to showcase the different governance levers that Rapid provides, which include API, Approvals, Audit Trails, and Events. This will serve as a one-stop-shop for all governance-related capabilities in the product, with upcoming features such as API Linting (in preview).
  • SAML Identity Provider (IDP) Improvements: Some IDPs setup with SAML, like Microsoft Azure Active Directory, require configuring an app identifier and service provider to configure an issuer identifier. This specific type of configuration was missing in our product and hence customers couldn't set up their IDP to work with Rapid. We have now addressed this by adding text that specifies Rapid's app identifier and allowed admins to configure issuer identifier from within the admin panel in a self service manner.
  • Status indication for Login types: In the past, there was no indication that a particular login option in Rapid was successfully configured through all required steps. With this change, we have added an Active/Pending status tag that indicates if the login option was fully configured.


  • Updated custom CSS in Enterprise API Hub
  • Security and performance enhancements.
  • Fixed a bug when exporting API Calls logs on a CSV file from the /developer/analytics Dashboard and an error message “Something when wrong” appears.
  • Fixed a bug in the Hub Listing tab where content is duplicated in the About page when editing in API Studio.
  • Fixed a bug when editing & testing an existing login option configuration, the test connection used is the non-updated configuration.
  • Fixed a a bug in Collections where Spotlights were not displaying.
  • Fixed a bug where the auto-invite existing users configuration at Organization setup did not work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where the Import users through .csv feature was missing in the Organizations Dashboard.
  • Fixed a bug in the APIs tab in the Admin Panel where applying more than one filter wasn't working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Tutorial UI elements in some Enterprise tenants were not working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where updating the hub's thumbnail for link unfurling did not work correctly.
  • Fixed a bug where Rapid's Proxy responds with error messages that mention the API Hub.
  • Fixed a bug where creating an API with a .yaml file in GraphQL results in an error.
  • Fixed a bug where an Admin/API owner is unable to share the API to other users/teams in some Enterprise tenants.
  • Fixed a bug where APIs created from an OAS spec file did not follow the specification set in the spec file.
  • Fixed a bug where API tags get cropped when you viewing an API in the hub homepage in some Enterprise tenants.
  • Fixed a bug where an error would occur when uploading a .yaml OAS file with $ref..
  • Fixed a bug where the Testing request generator wasn't working correctly.
  • Fixed a bug in the Admin panel where an error would occur when setting up SAML for external users.