Environment Variables

Environments are accessible throughout an entire API Project, so environment variables, unlike test variables, can be used in multiple API tests.

Environment variables are only accessible when executing a test on their housed environment. For example, this allows a user to have a development and a staging environment that both have an environment variable of authKey but use a different value for authKey in each environment.

There are two types of environment variables:

  • [Secret]: Secrets are key-value pairs that save sensitive data. The value field for secrets is obfuscated, so it is not visible to users.

  • [Variable] Variables are key-value pairs where the value is not obfuscated.

Creating a new Environment Variable

To create a new environment variable, head to the Testing Settings tab within RapidAPI Testing.


In this example, we have already created an environment called Production.


To create a secret, click the key icon in the environment you want to make the secret in.


Enter the secret Key and Secret, then click the green check to save.



To create a variable, click the + in the environment you want to make the variable in.


Enter the variable Key and Value, then click the green check to save.