Release Notes (June 2023)

Rapid API Hub for Enterprise Release Notes

As always, our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience with our product, and we appreciate your continued support and feedback. If you have any issues or bugs, you can report them to us at our support page here.


  • New:

  • Improved:

    • Improvements to an API's traffic analytics in Studio. You can view API calls, errors and average latency simultaneously in one chart. You can use dropdown boxes to filter the data in the chart and logs below the chart by endpoint, API consumer, API version, HTTP method, HTTP response code, and/or API consumer location. For more information see Provider Analytics.

    • Analytics are now closer to real-time. The maximum time to display analytics in Rapid has been generally improved from 5 minutes to a new maximum of 30 seconds.

    • Improvements to the API listing / API playground experience for GraphQL APIs:

      • The latest query or mutation and variables are cached (for each API version).
      • The schema explorer has been improved
      • The add query and add fragment buttons will no longer recursively add all properties. Only scalar types are included. This simplifies the resulting queries.
    • Improvements to the Admin Panel user interface:

  • Fixed: