Billing (Enterprise Hub)

Optionally monetize API usage in your Enterprise Hub.

Billing is used to collect payments for API usage. For example, your enterprise may want to bill partners for API usage using invoice billing.

Billing configuration

When your environment is initially configured, you can opt to have one of the following billing configurations:

  1. Invoice billing
  2. Credit card billing
  3. No billing

Invoice billing

If invoice billing is enabled in your Enterprise Hub, RapidAPI provides monthly aggregated quota usage reports to your enterprise. Each invoice applies from the first to last day of each month.

With invoice billing, RapidAPI will not process billing. You will be responsible for processing payment on these invoices.

See Exporting Quota Data for more details.

Credit card billing

If you have credit card billing enabled:

  1. External users can add a credit card to their personal context within Developer Dashboard > Billing > Billing Information.
  2. External organizations can add a credit card to their organization contexts within Organization Dashboard > Organization Settings > Billing & Payment Settings.


Deleting credit card information

To delete your credit card, you must first remove all subscriptions from your account.