Release Notes (Feb 2023)

Rapid API Hub Release Notes

We've made some updates to our platform to improve the customer experience. For February, weโ€™ve made overall improvements to API Hub performance and fixed numerous bugs across our platform.

As always, our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience with our product, and we appreciate your continued support and feedback. If you have any issues or bugs, you can report them to us at our support page here.



  • API Hub Stability improvements: Improved overall API Hub performance
  • Hub Accessibility: General improvements to Platform to adhere to Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
  • New API Hub Categories: Added Cryptography, Cybersecurity and Jobs Categories


  • We've made minor UI fixes the new Rapid Top Navigation Header
  • Fixed bug where Extensions stopped displaying once enabled for only logged-in users
  • Fixed layout of long links extending outside of the "Terms of Use" modal
  • Fixed Spotlights bug where the Spotlights description was not being saved
  • Fixed permission issue where Team Admins were able to remove Organization Admins from a Team
  • Updated custom CSS in Enterprise API Hub
  • Fixed bug in Masthead where the "Manage Organization" link did not display if the user did not belong to any Organizations
  • Fixed issue in customized Enterprise API Hub where the hero image and colors on the landing page would flicker before properly displaying
  • Fixed bug in API Hub Collection description text would render raw HTML
  • Fixed a bug that caused Quota data to show inaccurate consumption numbers on the "apps > Billing > Subscriptions and Usage" page
  • Fixed stability issues with the "API Alerts" feature
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when a non-member of an org encounters a "Could not find organizations for user" error when clicking on "Join Organizations"
  • Fixed a bug that occurs when an Admin approves a new user and a "Network Error" occurs after pressing the "Approve" button
  • Fixed stability issues with the Admin Panel & API Hub Playground
  • Fixed a bug where In Provider > Users the option to see the # of requests a subscriber did in the past 30 days was missing in the new Studio
  • Fixed a bug where users aren' auto redirected to the context the user is allowed to create APIs from in Studio
  • Fixed a bug causing a Deprecated API Plan to not show up for an Organization Account (Admin Account) on the API Pricing Page
  • Fixed a bug where API Rate Limit Headers did not appear and API's could be called beyond the allowed rate limit
  • Fixed a bug where clicking the "Analytics" button that is located under "My Apps" in the developer's dashboard, the page goes blank and unresponsive.