Failures and Alerts


You can configure the test retry and alerts in the Failures & Alerts section of your API Project's Testing Settings. Since these configurations are made at the API Project level, they will apply to every test within the API Project.

  • Toggling on the "Retry on failure input number times" will cause the test to automatically re-execute, the inputted number of times, after the first failure. In the example above, the test will automatically execute one additional time after a failure.

RapidAPI Testing can deliver alerts through the following methods:

Alert types

On Error alerts are sent after a selected number of consecutive test failures (including retries). To help reduce alert fatigue you can set a limit to the frequency of On Error alerts during a failure state.


An On Recovery alert is sent when a test recovers from a failure. On Recovery alerts are only active when the "Send alert when a test recovers" option is toggled on (pictured below).


An On Success (webhook only) alert is sent each time a test is successful. On Success alerts are only active when the "Send alert on a successful test result" option is toggled on (pictured below).