Release Notes (Sep 2023)

Enterprise Hub Release Notes

As always, our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience with our product, and we appreciate your continued support and feedback. If you have any issues or bugs, you can report them to us at our support page here.


  • New:

    • GraphQL APIs that are listed on the hub use a new API playground. This enables API consumers to create and execute GraphQL queries and mutations using an editor based on an industry-standard editor named GraphiQL. For more information, see Consuming GraphQL APIs.
    • An Approvals icon was added to the main header seen on most pages. This is a single location with links to the different types of approvals in Rapid. For more information, see Header Links and Icons.
    • Studio now includes the ability for API builders to specify that an API's plan requires approval before an API consumer can use it. For more information, see require approval.
    • A new My APIs Approvals page has been added to Studio. This is used by API builders to approve or reject API consumer requests to use an API's plans, and view the status of requests to make APIs public. For more information, see Studio - My APIs Approvals.
    • Configuring additional API security (such as OAuth) has moved from the Hub Listing > Gateway tab of Studio to the Hub Listing > Definitions > Security tab. The major benefit of this change is that security can configured for individual endpoints, rather than only for the entire API. This involves creating security schemes for an API, as described in Configuring API Security.
    • API providers can now better moderate discussions using the Discussions tab of the API's listing. This includes the ability to delete any discussion or delete any comment in a discussion. For more information, see Discussions.
  • Improved:

    • Added a documentation page that describes the ways to provide general documentation for an API hosted on Rapid (Long Descriptions, Docs / Readmes, Tutorials, Spotlights, Assets). For more information, see Documenting Your API.
    • Added a documentation page on using the GraphQL Platform API to programmatically manage Long Descriptions, Docs / Readmes, Tutorials, Spotlights and Assets. See API Documentation (GQL PAPI).