Within Requests, groups of API requests can be branched. Branching allows you or your team to create a separate version of the requests for long-term, troubleshooting, or experimental purposes. By default, every API Project has Main branch.

Create a new branch

When you create a branch, the new branch will be based on the branch selected when you created a new branch. In the following example, we are creating a new branch off the Main branch. When you create a new branch, all of the sessions, environments, and requests will be copied into the new branch however, making changes to these items in the new branch will not cause the changes to be made to the original branch. This means that each branch can contain its own unique sessions, environments, and requests.

To create a new branch, click the + icon in the Branches section

A dialog will open where you can enter the Branch Name. Note that the branch name should contain only letters, digits, and a dash (-) while being 3 to 30 characters long.

After creating a branch, you will see all of the requests copied from the selected branch to the new branch.

Switching branches

You can switch between multiple branches by selecting the branch name drop-down.