Daily Email Summary

The Daily Email Summary is a helpful way of getting a pulse on your account's API performance delivered right to your inbox. The daily email summary (example below) displays the:

  • Number of API Projects.
  • Number of Healthy APIs. This is the number of API Projects where all tests are successful.
  • Number of Tests.
  • Number of Healthy Tests. This is the number of successful tests.
  • Average Success Rate of all of your tests.
  • Average Execution Time of your tests.
  • Total Test Execution Count.

Enabling the daily email summary

You can enable the daily email summary in a few simple steps:

  1. Navigate to Studio and select an API Project
  2. Select Tests and choose Testing Settings
  3. Navigate to the Daily Email Summary section
  4. Toggle on the organization context to which you want to send daily email summaries. If you are not a member of another organization, you will see your personal organization context.


Daily email summaries to an organization

If you are a member of an organization, other than your (default) personal organization, turning on the daily email summary will send a daily email summary to every member of that organization.