Make REST Platform API requests for specific users and teams.

Users with Enterprise Access to the Platform API can read or make changes to data on behalf of other users or teams through the Platform API. To use the "on-behalf-of" functionality:

  1. Navigate to the endpoint that you wish to trigger on behalf of a user or team.

  2. Insert an "on-hehalf-of" header with value "userId" or "teamId" (depending on the endpoint).

For example, if you want to make edits to a certain team, you would want to send a request on behalf of a team.

	--url https://rapidapi26.p.rapidapi.com/v1/users/%7BuserId%7D \
	--header 'accept: application/json' \
	--header 'content-type: application/json' \
	--header 'x-rapidapi-host: rapidapi26.p.rapidapi.com' \
	--header 'on-behalf-of: 123456' \
	--data '{  "email": "",  "name": "",  "username": "",  "password": ""}

For more example of the use of "on-behalf-of", see Example Using the REST Platform API: Listing all APIs.


Important notes on using on-behalf-of

You must have Enterprise Access to the Platform API to use the "on-behalf-of" functionality.

If you are calling an endpoint, such as Get All Teams, on-behalf-of of an org admin, that org admin must have their Personal Context enabled. See Roles and Permissions.


ownerId vs. on-behalf-of

Some REST Platform API endpoints have an ownerId header, which is somewhat similar in functionality to on-behalf-of. For example, when creating an API using an OpenAPI document , you can specify the user or team that will own the API. The API will then be shown in that user or team's context, as if they created the API. This is especially useful for calls to the REST Platform API from continuous delivery pipelines.

"On-behalf-of" supported endpoints


In some cases, the "on-behalf-of" header can be specified in your code even though the header is not shown in the API playground.

Tag DefinitionsPut/Delete/Post
Get Analytics
Get Subscriptions
Get API Subscriptions
TeamsUpdate Team
Get Team
Delete Team
Get Users for a Team
Get Teams
Remove Team User
Add Team User
Create Team
SubscriptionGet User Subscription
Get User Subscription Analytics
Delete Subscriptions
Get User Subscriptions
Create Subscriptions
API Version DocsGet API Version Doc
Create API Version Doc
Delete API Version Doc
Update API Version Doc
API DevelopersUn-invite API Developers
Invite API Developers
Get API Developers
AppsGet App Analytics
Delete App
Create App
Update App
Get App
Get User App
Version TagDelete API Version Tag
Get API Version Tag
Add API Version Tag
Get API Version Tag
UsersUpdate User
Delete User
Get User Teams
Create User
Get Users
Get User
OrganizationDelete Organization
Get Organization
Create Organization
Update Organization
Get Organization
Get Organization Audit Log