Requests support the ability to store cookies in an entity called a Session. By storing cookies, sessions are useful for maintaining and reusing a user state between requests. Additionally, you can use multiple sessions to capture requests between different user states. If a response returns a Set-Cookie header, those cookies will automatically be added to that session's cookies.

Add Session

By default, a session called Default Session is created in your Main branch. To create an additional session, select the Session settings icon to the right of the Session drop-down.

You can add another session in the session management dialog by selecting the + Add Session icon.

After naming the new session, click the βœ”οΈ Rename button to save the session name.

Add Cookie

A session can store multiple cookies. To add a new cookie, navigate to the session you want to add the cookie in and select the + Add Cookie button.

When configuring a cookie, you can set the Key (name), Value (content), Domain, Path, Expires or MaxAge, and set the Secure attribute.

Delete a Cookie

You can delete a cookie by clicking the πŸ—‘οΈ trash icon to the right of the cookie.