Admin Panel Audit Trails

View audit logs of changes made by environment admins in the Admin Panel

Admin Panel Audit Trails allows you to track all the various changes that occur within your Enterprise Hub Admin Panel.


Admin Panel logs only

The Audit Trails tab only lists logs for changes made in the Admin Panel by environment admins. It is not a general log for all activities in the Enterprise Hub.

See Events / Webhooks for a more general logging mechanism.

You can see create, update, and delete actions for the following Admin Panel use cases:

  • New users created, updated, deleted
  • Super user login
  • New user account approved
  • API information updated and deleted
  • Organization information created, updated, or deleted
  • Roles that are created, updated, or deleted
  • Subscriptions updated, cancelled
  • Collections created, updated, deleted
  • Tags created, updated, deleted
  • Category created, updated, deleted
  • Transactions updated, deleted
  • Theming changes updated, deleted (may be labeled as an EnvConfig update)

View recent updates

  1. In the Admin Panel, select Audit Trails in the sidebar.
  2. View the most recent edits that have occurred.
Audit Trails tab in the Admin Panel

Audit Trails tab in the Admin Panel

Search for a user and their most recent actions

  1. Go to Admin Panel Audit Trails.
  2. Enter the name of the person, the type of change, entity in question, and much more into the search bar to narrow your search. Note - the search will return any results that "contains" the string inserted in the search bar. (see the example above)

Search for specific action

Example: Search for all the updates that a user has made:

Searching in the Audit Trails tab of the Admin Panel

Searching in the Audit Trails tab of the Admin Panel