Release Notes (Dec 2022)

RapidAPI Enterprise Hub Release Notes

We've made some updates to our platform to improve the customer experience. We'd love to hear from you! If you have any issues or bugs, you can report them to us at our support page here.


  • Hub Static Asset Management: When enabled, API providers will have the ability to share static assets with their API consumers. This is useful for sharing an SDK or a PDF in a secure manner to assist a consumer in using and consuming an API. See the documentation here.
  • RapidAPI Studio is now in General Availability (GA): See the documentation here. These are the new features:
    - Kafka APIs can be uploaded and configured
    - API transformations can be configured
    - API approval workflows
    - API tags for an API can be configured
    - User details are available in the Hub Listing -> Community section


  • RapidAPI Studio: The performance of the TreeView control in Requests has been upgraded. The request tree renders 20% faster.


  • RapidAPI Studio: Code Generation requests bug is fixed in Requests
  • RapidAPI Studio: Authentication issues fixed for Tests and Requests
  • Fixed a bug where CSS fonts were not being properly applied in some Enterprise tenants.
  • Fixed a bug in the REST version of Platform API where some endpoints that are added to the API that are ungrouped.