Release Notes (Aug 2023)

Enterprise Hub Release Notes

As always, our team is committed to providing you with the best possible experience with our product, and we appreciate your continued support and feedback. If you have any issues or bugs, you can report them to us at our support page here.


  • New:

    • To further support ADA and WCAG accessibility of the Enterprise Hub, Rapid has teamed up with AudioEye. Please contact your Rapid representative if you would like to have the AudioEye accessibility tool added to your Enterprise Hub.
    • Added a documentation page with example code and a demo video on using the GraphQL Platform API and GitHub Actions to automatically keep your API listings in the Enterprise Hub in sync with your OAS files in a GitHub repository. The Node.js example code can be used as the basis for integrating your CI/CD pipelines with the Enterprise Hub. For more information, see Example: Creating and updating an API using GitHub Actions (GQL Platform API).
    • An example of how to use the Platform Analytics API with Azure API gateways has been added to the documentation. This allows APIs that do not use the Rapid Proxy to show usage analytics to API providers and consumers. For more info, see Azure API Management Analytics Integration.
    • Added the ability to set up a custom domain for your Enterprise Hub using a self-service approach. See Set Up a Custom Domain.
    • For team user roles, the ability to manage APIs and apps has been split into two separate permissions. For example, this allows org admins the ability to specify that only certain team members can manage apps. See Roles and Permissions.
    • The following Events / Webhooks have been added. These allow enterprises to act on announcements, discussions, and messages in any way that their workflows require:
      • Announcement Created
      • Discussion Created
      • Message Created
      • Discussion Comment Created
    • During September of 2023, configuring additional API security (such as OAuth) will move from the Hub Listing > Gateway tab of Studio to the Hub Listing > Definitions > Security tab. The major benefit of this change is that security can configured for individual endpoints, rather than only for the entire API. This involves creating security schemes for an API, as described in Configuring API Security.
  • Improved:

    • Updated the user experience of the API Gateways tab of the Admin Panel. See API Gateways.
    • Updated the user experience of the Tags tab of the Admin Panel. See Tags.
    • Updated the user experience of the SEO (search engine optimization) tab of the Admin Panel. See SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
    • Updated the user experience of the Categories tab of the Admin Panel. See Categories.
    • Updated the user experience of the Collections tab of the Admin Panel. See Collections.
    • In the Admin Panel, when viewing and API's details, the Analytics and usage tab user experience has been improved. See Managing APIs.
    • API Access Provisioning has been enhanced in the following ways:
      • Access provisioning is supported for APIs that use the Rapid proxy. Previously, it was only supported for APIs that do not use the Rapid proxy.
      • OAuth 2 PASSWORD grant type is now supported.
      • For OAuth 2 client credentials grant types, if your authorization server uses JWT, the private key and JWT format are saved with the Authorization.
  • Fixed:

    • The MP Hero and Features tab was removed the API details page in the Admin Panel. This tab was not previously functioning.