Use Cases

Internal API hub

As companies grow and split into multiple teams, they form “software silos” with each group responsible for a specific product or technology. Because each team creates its own APIs, there is little visibility into what each team is working on, resulting in code duplication, longer development cycles, and a lack of overall governance.

An API hub provides a centralized catalog for helping developers, product managers, IT, and API creators to find, manage, and connect to all APIs — using a single key and SDK. The RapidAPI Enterprise Hub is branded with a company’s identity and enables organizations to create new efficiencies, accelerating the software development process.

Once set up, development teams can publish their APIs into the hub. RapidAPI supports all APIs, regardless of what gateways or API management solutions they use. Also, an API hub provides management capabilities that enables administrators to govern and manage API consumption with enhanced visibility and control.


Customer/partner API hub

Organizations that want to drive innovation by opening up key APIs to channels, partners, and customers can additionally use the RapidAPI Enterprise Hub as a customer and/or partner hub. It provides a centralized catalog for helping customer and partner development teams find, manage, and connect to the APIs you designate — all using a single key and SDK.

Through the customer/partner API hub, your organization can collaborate with other companies to create unique solutions and new monetization channels. In some cases, you will be able to reduce development cycles, creating stickiness to applications and services.

The RapidAPI Enterprise Hub sits in front of your API gateway(s) and works with other API management systems, enabling you to offer partners/customers an integrated experience.