RapidAPI Studio - My APIs Inbox

View and manage direct messages, discussions, and announcements between you an your API consumers.

The My APIs Inbox is a single location to send and receive messages for all your API projects. Access the My APIs Inbox using the envelope icon in the upper right of the navigation header, then click My APIs Inbox.


The sidebar in the My APIs Inbox contains the following parts:

  • Team dropdown - Select the team for which you want to show messages, discussions, or announcements. The top line is the organization name and the bottom line is the team name. In the screenshot below, the Platform Management Team 1 team of the Platform Management org is selected. You also have the option of selecting your Personal Account (if available).

  • Project dropdown - Select All API Projects to view information from all API projects that the team owns, or select a specific API project.

  • Direct messages - Shows messages to and from your API consumers.

  • Discussions - Shows discussion groups created for the API project.

  • Announcements - Displays announcements sent to API user subscribers.


Direct Messages

The Direct Messages tab contains replies to announcements by API consumers. It also contains messages sent by consumers by clicking Contact from the About tab of the API Hub.


Discussions are initiated and commented on by API providers and consumers in the Discussions tab when viewing the API in the API Hub.

In the My APIs Inbox, the Discussions tab allows API providers to view, delete, and comment on discussions in the API Hub.


Use the Announcements tab to send and view announcements to all API user subscribers. User subscribers receive an email notification when an announcement is sent. You might use Announcements to notify your API user subscribers of an update, a new pricing plan, or other important information about your API.


What is an API user subscriber?

An API user subscriber is a user who, from their Personal Account, has either tested a free API's endpoint or subscribed to an API's plan in the API Hub. As an API provider, you can view the users that are considered users subscribers and will receive announcements in My APIs > Hub Listing (for the API Project) > Community > Users. Make sure to use the Paid Users and Free Users toggle on the right to see all users. See the screenshot below.

Note - Calls to an API from team contexts do not add API subscribers.


This API currently has one API user subscriber.

To send an announcement, click New Announcement. Select the related API Project, enter a message, and click Send Announcement. You announcement will be sent by email to all API user subscribers. Responses from subscribers will appear in the Direct Messages tab of the My APIs Inbox.