Officially Launch Your API

Make an Announcement About Your API

Send an email newsletter to your customers and developers announcing your API with a link to your listing on the RapidAPI Marketplace.

Publish a blog post and tweet about your API. Social media examples from our API Providers include:

  • Blog examples from Kairos and Zerobounce. These posts describe the value of partnering with RapidAPI to empower developers to connect quickly and easily to many APIs from the same interface.
  • Twitter examples from AudD, Quick Verify. Social media posts could be as simple as "hey #developers, we're now available on RapidAPI!" with a link to your API listing.

Get Listed on Product Hunt or Hacker News

Developers use forums such as ProductHunt and Hacker News to find the latest tools and APIs. List your API on these sites with a short message to increase your developer audience.

You can read more on how to launch on ProductHunt and best practices for announcements.