Authorization (GQL)

Required headers

Calls to the GraphQL Platform API are made via the Rapid Runtime. The following headers are required to successfully execute queries and mutations. This is true for any client you use to execute queries and mutations.

x-rapidapi-host - Identifies the GraphQL Platform API on your Enterprise Hub. An example value is Here graphql-platform is the slugified (lower case with spaces replaced with dashes) name of the GraphQL Platform API on your Enterprise Hub. The name you see might be different. mycompany identifies your company's Enterprise Hub. The x-rapidapi-host value can be obtained from the sample code in the API Hub for the GraphQL Platform API.

x-rapidapi-key - A globally unique string that is used for security and to identify the calling context. The calling context is set using the context dropdown in the API Hub (see the screenshot below). The calling context can be a team or Personal Account. The x-rapidapi-key value changes in the sample code as you change the context.


x-rapidapi-identity-key - Required when calling the GraphQL Platform API from team contexts. The value of x-rapidapi-identity-key is an API key from your Personal Account. You can obtain this key by selecting your Personal Account when testing any API’s endpoint and copying the X-RapidAPI-Key header parameter value from the sample code, as shown in the screenshot below.



Enabling Personal Accounts

Users of the GraphQL Platform API must have Personal Contexts (Accounts) enabled in their Environment User Role. For more information on the Personal Context permission, see Roles and Permissions.

content-type: application/json - This header and value instructs the server to return the results as JSON. All GraphQL queries and mutations return results as JSON.