RapidAPI Studio - Known Issues

General known issues

  • Environments are not shared between Tests and Requests.
  • Tests do not support environment groups (only Requests) do.
  • Syncing endpoints from Hub to Requests call origin URL instead of the RapidAPI Proxy URL. Change the URL to the proxied URL (ending in rapidapi.com) to send the request via the RapidAPI Proxy.
  • Code generation for requests sometimes does not work; clearing local storage for the website will load the right code generation for requests.
  • Analytics page is missing DateRangePicker.
  • Monetize does not yet have Transaction details.
  • To rename groups of requests, you must double click on the group name; there is currently no menu option for rename.
  • To complete OAuth2 flows in Requests, you must use the Paw desktop client.
  • For now, Kaftka APIs will use the Provider Dashboard, not the RapidAPI Studio interface.
  • API-level transformations (use the Provider Dashboard instead)