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Private Subscription Plans

A Private Plan solution is now available to all RapidAPI providers. These plans are perfect for providers that want to invite select clients to access a more customized pricing plan.

Private Plan Use Cases

Here’s some examples of why and how you’d use Private Plans:


Provide discounted access to your API to a subset of developers.


Allow developers to use your API for a very small price, with a limited subset of functionalities or allow developers to test the responsiveness of your API at no cost.

Heavy Usage

Some use cases where the usage of your API would be heavy by a developer, provide a better rate per functionality or request. These heavy usage cases are often priced higher than the usual high tier of your public plans.


Educational plan

Some API vendors offer unlimited private plans to students, hackathon or university users. We recommend considering an educational plan for your API and are working to introduce more features around this.

Create a Private Plan

To create a Private Plan for your API, follow these steps:

  1. Within your API listing, navigate to the "Plans & Pricing" tab
  2. At the bottom of the page, locate the "Private Plans" section and select '+ Add Private Plan''
  3. Customize your custom plan in the same way that you defined your public pricing plans by using the 'subscription type', 'subscription price', 'custom objects', and 'features'.

Updated about a year ago

Private Subscription Plans

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