Announcements (Provider Dashboard)

Send messages to your API subscribers.


This is a legacy documentation page for the previous interface.

For the latest page, see Studio - My APIs Inbox.

Use the Announcements tab of the Provider Dashboard to send and view announcements to all API user subscribers and to subscribing teams from your organization. Subscribers receive an email notification when an announcement is sent, and the announcements appear in the Developer Dashboard (Apps) Inbox. Subscribing teams receive announcements in the Organization Dashboard. You might use Announcements to notify your API subscribers of an update, a new pricing plan, or other important information about your API.


Announcements for APIs that do not use the RapidAPI Proxy

If your API is configured to not use the RapidAPI Proxy, Announcements may not function as expected for your API. Please contact your Rapid representative for more information.


API user and team subscribers

An API user subscriber is a user who, from their Personal Account, has either tested a free API's endpoint or subscribed to an API's plan in the API Hub. In the Provider Dashboard, you can view subscribers of an API by selecting the Users tab in the sidebar (see an example in the screenshot below).

An API team subscriber is created when a user who, from their team context, has either tested a free API's endpoint or subscribed to an API's plan in the API Hub. Currently only teams within the same organization as the API Project owning team will receive email announcements.

Click the "+ Send New Announcement" button to open the message window.


You can then type the message that will be sent to all user subscribers of the API.