Adding Base URLs

All API endpoints are relative to a base URL, which is added as a "prefix" to all API endpoints. This approach avoids the need to always define absolute URLs for endpoints, and increases API portability by simply changing the base URL. This base URL is where RapidAPI will route requests.

To enter a base URL:

  1. Navigate to the Provider Dashboard (My APIs).
  2. In the sidebar, click the Definition tab for your API.
  3. Click the API Specs tab.
  4. Click the Settings tab.
  5. Under Base URL, click Configure.
  1. In the Edit Base URL dialog, enter a base URL (such as https:// and click Save.

You can update your base URL from this page at any time. If you are interested in setting up multi-base URLs, check out our guide here.



Notice that the screenshot at the top of the this page includes "Version v1" near the top of the screenshot. All APIs in RapidAPI can be versioned. To learn more about this, see Versioning Your API.