Transactions (Teams)

The Transactions Tab is where all of the invoices for payments associated with your Organization lives. Here, you can view invoices for the public APIs your Organization consumes, any APIs your Organization exposes publicly, and the billing for you RapidAPI for Teams organization.

Subscribed APIs

All of your Organization's public API subscriptions will show up in the Subscribed APIs section. You can also see information about payment status, amount and other details. New invoices will be generated in this tab on a monthly basis.


Published APIs

If you have published any APIs publicly as an Organization, you can view usage and billing information about them in the Published APIs section.

Organization Subscriptions

The Org Subscriptions tab shows invoices for your RapidAPI for Teams Organization subscription. If you have 5 or fewer members, this will be $0. Every additional member (over 5) if $10 per month. For example, an Organization with 4 total members is free. 8 total members will be $30 per month.