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Trademark Enforcement Program

RapidAPI was built by developers for developers, as a way to connect to thousands of different APIs in one place. While we strongly believe in making APIs accessible to all, it is also our policy to support the protection of intellectual property.

The RapidAPI Trademark Enforcement Program allows trademark owners to report content on RapidAPI they believe violates their trademark or intellectual property. Read the FAQs below to learn more, or fill out a trademark violation report form.

RapidAPI Trademark Enforcement Program FAQs

How do I report content on RapidAPI that I believe is violating my trademark?

To report content on RapidAPI that you believe is violating your trademark, please fill out a trademark violation report through the trademark violation report form.

Do I have to own the trademark to submit a trademark violation report on RapidAPI?

At this time you must be the trademark owner or an authorized representative to report content on RapidAPI that you believe violates a trademark,

Someone is repeatedly violating my trademark on RapidAPI. What can I do?

RapidAPI does not tolerate repeated violations of this nature. If there is a user repeatedly violating trademarks, we will consider removing and blocking the user from RapidAPI.

How do I know if my trademark is being violated?

If you are unsure your trademark is being violated, we recommend contacting a lawyer before reporting it to RapidAPI.

How long will it take for RapidAPI to respond to my report?

RapidAPI takes trademark violation reports very seriously, and will respond as soon as we are able to. Filling out multiple reports for the same violation will not help our team respond faster.

Updated 28 days ago

Trademark Enforcement Program

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