FAQ - RapidAPI Testing

What is RapidAPI Testing?

RapidAPI Testing is a modern, cloud-based service that ensures the functionality, reliability, and performance of your application by testing your APIs and microservices

How much does RapidAPI Testing cost?

The Basic Plan for RapidAPI Testing is completely free. There are 3 additional pricing plans to choose from if you require more features or volume. The pricing plans range from $9.00 a month to $159.00 per month.

You can also contact us for a custom pricing plan with an unlimited number of tests and API calls. These plans can support large enterprises.

What types of APIs are supported in RapidAPI Testing?

RapidAPI Testing supports all types of APIs, including REST, SOAP, and GraphQL

Do I need a new RapidAPI account to use RapidAPI Testing?

No, if you already have an existing RapidAPI account, you can use the same account for RapidAPI testing. If you do not have a RapidAPI account, you can sign up at rapidapi.com.