Org Approvals (Teams)

Admins can approve or deny certain actions by developers in their Organization.

Request to Make an API Public

Developers can request to make an Organization API Public from their Provider Dashboard.


After the developer makes the request, they will see a message that their request is pending.


The developer who made the request will be notified of the admin's decision to approve or reject on their Provider Dashboard.


Request to Join an Organization

Developers can request to join an Organization in their email domain by navigating to the Join Organizations page.


This feature must be enabled by an Admin on the Organization Settings page.


The page displays organizations within the email domain that a developer can request to join. Requests must be approved by admins.


Approving or Rejecting Requests

Admins will see the developer's requests in the Approvals tab. They can see the associated Team, Requestor, and Status of the request. The admin can choose to approve or reject the request, by clicking the approve or reject buttons.