RapidAPI Studio - Message Center

The Message Center is a single location to send and receive messages for all your API projects. Access the Message Center using the icon in the upper right of RapidAPI Studio, as shown below.



Use the Announcements tab to send and view announcements to your API consumers.

To send an announcement, click New Announcement. Select the related API Project, enter a message, and click Send Announcement. You announcement will be sent by email to all API consumers of the API Project. Responses from consumers will appear in the Direct Messages tab of the Message Center.

Direct Messages

The Direct Messages tab contains replies to announcements by API consumers. It also contains messages sent by consumers by clicking Contact from the About tab of the API Hub.


Discussions are initiated and commented on by API providers and consumers in the Discussions tab when viewing the API in the API Hub.

In the Message Center, the Discussions tab allows API providers to view, delete, and comment on discussions in the API Hub.