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Java (Android)

In order to start consuming APIs on RapidAPI using Android, you must add this code to the dependencies block of your build.gradle file.

dependencies {
	compile 'com.rapidapi:rapidconnect-android:0.1'

Once the dependency has been added, require the SDK:

import com.rapidapi.rapidconnect.RapidApiConnect;

You can now instantiate a new RapidAPI client with your ProjectName and ProjectKey:

RapidApiConnect connect = new RapidApiConnect('ProjectName', 'ProjectKey');

Now, to call an API, all you have to do is write the following code:

Map<String, Argument> body = new HashMap<String, Argument>();

body.put("ParameterKey1", new Argument("data", "ParameterValue1"));
body.put("ParameterKey2", new Argument("data", "ParameterValue2"));

try { 
	Map<String, Object> response ="APIName", "FunctionName", body);
if(response.get("success") != null) { 

Java (Android)

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