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Getting Started with RapidAPI SDKs

What SDKs are available?

RapidAPI has many different SDKs that allow you to use all of the APIs on our marketplace in your applications. Regardless of what your favorite programming language is, we've got an SDK to allow you to easily use RapidAPI in your application. We've developed SDKs in the following languages:

What are the advantage of using RapidAPI SDKs?

By using the RapidAPI SDKs, you get access to all of the APIs that are on the RapidAPI marketplace all in one package. This lets you use any of the APIs on our marketplace, all with one standard form of calling an API and receiving the data back.

Once you connect to an API through RapidAPI you no longer have to worry about API updates or changes. Even if the underlying API is changed, the connection to RapidAPI remains the same.

You are also able to call as many APIs as you want, all while using a single SDK. Gone are the days of importing a different SDK for each API that you use. Now you can just import the RapidAPI SDK and use it for all of the API calls that you make throughout your application.

What if the API uses Unirest instead of RapidAPI Connect?

Some APIs on RapidAPI use the Unirest client instead of RapidAPI Connect. To get started with Unirest, head over to our Unirest documentation.