Featured Spotlights

You can link existing content or resources for your API as a Featured Spotlight on your API Listing's About tab. This helps developers understand and use your API.

The Featured Spotlight can link to an external webpage or a PDF file upload. Clicking a spotlight will open the destination link in a new tab, or open a PDF preview. Users will be able to zoom, resize, print, or download PDF files.



You can also add a full tutorial to your API listing, rather than linking external content. Learn how to get started adding tutorials here.

How to Add Featured Spotlights to Your API

Add your first Featured Spotlight by navigating to your API Listing and selecting the About tab. Click the "Add Spotlight" button to open the Spotlight editor.


You can toggle between "Link to Webpage" and "Upload File" depending on your desired format. Add the link or file, a title, and a short description. You can use the "Publish" toggle to make the Spotlight hidden or visible to developers.


How to Edit or Delete and Existing Featured Spotlight

To edit or delete an existing Feature Spotlight, click the icon on the top right corner of the spotlight.

  • Edit will open a dialog to update your link or PDF file
  • Publish/ Unpublish will display or hide the Spotlight from visitors accordingly
  • Delete - this is permanent and cannot be undone
  • Move to Left/Right - will shift the Spotlight's position on the page accordingly


Delete a Featured Spotlight

Deleting a Featured Spotlight is permanent and cannot be undone.