RapidAPI supports SOAP over HTTP APIs on the RapidAPI Hub.

To view what a SOAP-based APIs looks like on the RapidAPI Hub, you can refer to the sample Number Conversion Service.

Presentation of SOAP-based APIs

SOAP APIs look similar to their REST counterparts, with a few distinctions:

  1. Instead of seeing REST endpoints, users will see the SOAP operations.
  2. Instead of seeing the parameters for the endpoints, users will see an editor with the SOAP envelope.

Adding SOAP APIs

To add SOAP-based APIs to RapidAPI, start by creating an API as you normally would.
After adding the API and the Base URL for it, make sure to add a transformation to add a Content-Type header to the API, as most SOAP services will reject any request where this header isn't explicitly set to text/xml:

Adding operations

To add new operations:

  1. Head to the Endpoints tab under the API Definition section.
  2. Click Create Endpoint.
  3. Fill in the endpoint name, description and path on the fields.
  4. Select POST as the endpoint type.
  5. Under the Body tab select Payload and select the XML type.
  6. Fill in a sample envelope and/or a schema in the text editor below.

What’s Next