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Very Frustrated-Don't know where to start

Posted by Michael Forte 8 months ago

I had my programmer create a lot of APIs for me under the name Airport Guide - Aviation Info name. I am now copying the same format that BaseTrip uses for getting my users over to you.
Let me say that I don't understand the API process at all so I am coming at this as a regular user to my web site,, that wants to use my aviation data.

So looking at BaseTrip, some of it makes sense but documentation makes none. I went to RapidAPI for documentation which is very confusing unless you have been taught how all this works. Your merger with Mashape makes no sense. Don't tell me I can use either one because they aren't exactly the same.

Let me simplify this. I want to copy a line of code and put it on a website to give me results. That's it so how do I do that. Don't start talking about endpoints and such because that makes no sense without a detailed explanation.

Point me to step by step directions for a non-programmer person that wants to put data on their site. That's all I'm looking for and I can't find it.

Please help!

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